Current Student Updates


Day off:

We will not be meeting on Friday, April 26th-- the Friday following Easter Sunday.  

If your family has a different day off, it is fine to miss FMS for that day.

One or two absences is ok every 4 months, but if you're going to be gone longer than that, please let us know.  

Dress Rehearsal Friday, May 3rd

All students need to attend from 4:30-6 pm for the dress rehearsal.  We will be reviewing everything that will be happening at the concert, so it is important for everyone to be there to know where to go and when things will be happening.  

Students do not need to dress up for the dress rehearsal but DO need to have their instrument and all of their music.  

Spring Concert -- Friday, May 10th

All  FMS students are expected to attend and perform at the concert.  PARTICIPATION IS MANDATORY. If you are planning on missing the concert, please email us NOW (March).  Failure to participate at our concert may exclude you from joining us in the fall.  Reminder:  the price of admission is commitment! 

Students should arrive between 6-6:30 pm to warm up.  Please do not arrive before 6 or after 6:30 :)  6:15 is perfect! 

The concert will begin at 7pm.  Admission is free, please feel free to invite family, friends, and anyone who might be interested in joining our program in the fall.


Students should wear "Concert Dress" to the concert:  white top/black bottoms.  It does not need to be fancy, just white and black.  We will review this with students.  For an example, please see the concert picture on our home page.

Also, please bring a finger-food dessert to share at our potluck reception following the concert. 

Q:  What should my student be practicing for the concert?

A:  Everything they have been playing in class.  

Would you like to play a solo at the concert?

We encourage all students to sign up to play (1) solo/duet/trio/small ensemble during the concert. This is a great way for students to showcase what they have learned at Free Music School.  Please email Mrs. Love  the name of your solo and the composer's name to be added to the program.  

Current Class Schedule

Beginning Band 4:30-5 pm

Intermediate Band 5-5:30 pm

Advanced Band 5:30-6 pm

Beginning Strings 4:30-5 pm

Intermediate Strings 5-5:30 pm

Please don't be late to FMS!

Several students have been arriving late to our spring session.  It is extremely disruptive to have students enter class after it has started.  Please respect our time limitations and have your students there BEFORE class begins.  Thank you for your cooperation.