Virtual Band Practice

Hey, I just started, please give me a few days to add some content.  This is a linked page to   but I don't want to pay a lot of money for another page.  This will be where the CRLove music will be kept.  

Set List March 2019, thanks Dan B.!

Would I Lie?                    0:00

Jump in the Line?           1:15

Time won't                      5:20

Live and Let                    8:45

Stop this                      21:05

Somthing About         24:20

Basket                          28:10

 Savoy                           32:15

Mack                             35:45  

Fat                                 39:00               

Mardi Gras                  43:05                      

Wild, Wild                    50:15

(?)                                  54:10

 Tears                           57:28

I wanna be              1:01: 05

Sweet Dreams        1:05:45

Rubberband man   1:09:15

 Story                              1:15:38

 Mardi Gras              1:19:08

 Happy                              1:24:35

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